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Daniela Nane

"Camps are organized RADUTRAVEL really great!
same time I was excited and amazed by the love of children and involving all for everything to be perfect to entertain the little ones great, to develop harmoniously, and to be cared for as they should.

Menu healthy and tasty, imaginative games, exciting competitions, instructors competent and full of humor and life, all activities helps children develop physical, boost confidence in propios forces to develop intelligent and thinking to find practical solutions.

My son of 9 years is very excited and eager to return RADUTRAVEL camps every summer, in winter skiing and summer in all sorts of climbing adventures. "

July 16, 2009, Daniela Nane

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RADUTRAVEL's camp hymn

The forest tree
s camp Radului
Dela May Rasnov the valley
Inn Wolves' s way
Radu lad, Radu

The teams share my
And basketball beat us
water always brings
and all deals
Radu lad, Radu

Nicu stories told us
rope in the wind a slobozia He called
tree throw us
lad Nicu, Nicu!

Fog Radului growing
Percussion Gigi she rises
He pointed us to the game
And we tumble in the pool
Gicu lad, Gicu

The dance he was D.J.
And the shooting lead us
E andreiul the famous
Percussion indices prepared
Andrei lad, Andrei

In this fog chosen
Sandra is the "mamoasa"
careful and caring
And with good advice one thousand
Sandra lad, my Sandra

When you arrive home
Percussion I love you remember
Winds those who I have trained
and care I have held
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August 1, 2009 - the hymn written by the kids who were in camp